Core Features

SignOn software is carefully engineered software designed to take recruitment management to the next level.

  • Create a Great Candidate Experience

    Talent is becoming a sparse commodity while recruitment efforts are becoming overly saturated and it should be in the interest of all companies to adapt accordingly. The first step is simple: make applying for your company easier & more accessible so our hiring process is drafted with candidate experience in mind.

  • Technology in the Hiring Process

    Use of technology in Recruitment is quietly emerging as a prominent trend in the world of hiring. Technology used by us affects various parts of the hiring process spanning communications, research, data analysis, and so much more.

  • Focus on Employer Branding

    The companies will prioritize on branding their employee experience in such a way that will entice prospective talent to want to work for them. It’s a fairly easy concept to grasp, market your companies to make sure that you attract the best possible talent.

  • Exclusive Ranking System (ERS)

    SignOn Exclusive Ranking System will minimize your effort and optimize the output. You can pre-screen your prospective applicants not only for their qualification and profile fit, but also for their other skills such as English language to have a carefully analyzed rank, which saves you precious time in screening.

  • Secure Conversational Platform

    We provide a secure conversational platform to complete the entire interview process. You can use it to save each interview performed and the elementary dashboard gives you an in-depth analysis about the Interviews perform.

  • Focus on passive candidates

    "Passive candidates" — individuals who aren't necessarily seeking a job, but are open to new opportunities. We supply information about the open demands to passive candidates who aren’t actively in quest of a prospect.

Extra Features

It will minimize your effort and optimize the output by its additional features


We provide a platform where you can reach out to the top industry professionals with all your queries & get insights about that particular industry.

Cosmic Database

We have a database of relevant and verified resumes. The candidate database allows you to keep track of the best applicants and prospects for current and future positions.

Notifications and Invites

We assist you to send interview invites and reminders / auto notifications about the interview schedule and short listing.


SignOn is Available for

Sign on is a technology driven tool which gives the quick-fix to aspirants, recruiters and instructors.

Job Seeker

Seeking the job of his interest


Directs what to do to be successful


Introduces the best talent to the company


Digital staffing service

  • Discover the next level of recruiting
  • Hiring the digital way
  • Fast & Easy Application Process
  • Data analytics that helps businesses make better strategic decisions

Company’s Brand Values

  • Helps enrich Candidate’s Experience by providing a personalised connection
  • Focus on Diversity Hiring
  • Predictive analytics reach to the target
  • Engage and then interview them

How Product Works

Our phenomenal elements give the winning edge to our users. Not only we minimise the time and money you spend on the recruitment process but also reduce your logistic expenses to a trickle.


Connect with the candidates online and bring them into your social media communities


Inspire them with great content (newsfeed) & job openings


Get answers to your questions from the top industry professionals.


Monitor signals which suggest that they are ready for a job /change


Fuel your team with hire ready candidates.


Save records of the entire conversation /interview to track whenever required.

Screen shots

Living pictures give you the better idea of this next generation tool

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Elements Hr Services Pvt. Ltd is a professional organization that understands their clients requirements and pays attention to detail. Your USP has been quick turnaround and extending speedy resourcing resolutions. I have had an opportunity to monitor Element’s work ethics for 5 years now, must say the endeavor is to provide best in class “Service & Excellence”. Thanks for adding success to Resource Solutions through your continuous perseverance – Wish Elements Hr Services Pvt. Ltd a great success in Recruiting Solutions!

  • client
    Sachin Jolly

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